• Jamie Skinner

Do I Really Want to Deal with Your Box of Receipts?

Let me walk your through a typical initial client meeting. The client greets me at the door of their home or office and leads me to a table piled with papers. The papers might be in organized stacks, disorganized stacks, or it may look like a tornado just passed through. At this point, the client is excited about getting their books in order and very eager to pass the torch over to me.

And at this point, I am very eager to grab onto that torch because this is the moment when I really get to start learning a lot about this business owner and their company. But what about that mess of papers? I almost never leave without my client first asking, “Are you SURE you want to go through all this? It’s such a mess.” I can’t help but laugh as I respond “YES! I love doing this kind of work. You see a mess, but I see a puzzle.”

The client gives a sigh of relief. Not only will their books get caught up, but now they can rest assured that the process will be fast and painless since I’ve taken that worry off their shoulders. Not only that, but they seem relieved that I will enjoy the task and they will not be a thorn in my side.

As I mentioned, sorting through a client’s receipts and piecing them together with their invoices and bank statements really helps me to better understand the operations of their business. Is it service-based or product-based? How are those services and products broken out? What vendors do they work with? What customers do they have? Who works for them? Who do they bank with? How do they run their business? And, most importantly, what improvements can I suggest to get all the moving pieces to be cohesive so that they may work smarter, not harder?

Another reason that a pile of papers in no way intimidates me is the simple fact that my client’s volume of work is a relatively minute amount compared to the work I’ve done in corporate accounting jobs. I’ve had to re-reconcile 18 months of bank reconciliations for a large hospital affiliation. Each one would require 4-5 business days to complete. Finding documentation needed to reconcile was more difficult due to the amount of time that had passed. Talk about doing a puzzle! But I ABSOLUTELY LOVED every minute of it.

Although your stacks of papers may be hindering YOU with decision paralysis on where to even start or how to begin, that one box will be a walk in the park for me. If you’re on the fence about partnering with someone to help with your financials, do yourself a favor and join my TAKE ACCOUNTING WOES OFF YOUR MIND program! I promise you that I will love every minute of the work I do for you, just as I have loved every minute of the work I’ve done for others.

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