program with Jamie Skinner

This program is for established business owners in the thick of running their business who are looking to accomplish more with the same or less resources currently in place.


The foundation of any successful business starts with having the 3 P’s: the right PRODUCT, the right PEOPLE, and the right PROCESSES. The DO MORE WITH LESS framework focuses on the all processes and how your people and products are affected by them.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your business is established and in a stage of growth.

  • You have employees and are an owner-operator.

  • So far you've just been "getting by" but you're ready to make some big changes in order to create big, positive impacts.


Do these road-blocks sound familiar to you?

  • You feel like you're running short on time, money, human resources, or all of the above.

  • You're ready to scale your business but don't have the capacity to make it happen.

  • You're growing faster than you can hire on additional staff and worry about employee burnout and retention.

  • Your processes are riddled with manual, redundant, error-filled tasks.

  • You find yourself thinking "There HAS to be a better way!"

How we work together to take your accounting woes off your mind:

Depending on the amount of work to tackle and how quickly you want to clean up your books, you can choose a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month contract. Each package includes a monthly bank of hours.


At a minimum, we will meet via video conferencing for 30 minutes every two weeks. This increases your visibility on the project’s progress and hang-ups, plus gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that have popped up since the prior meeting.


Between meetings, you may contact me through email or Voxer as often as needed or schedule interim meetings.


  1. Efficiency Evaluation: This overall assessment looks at where you are now, what you are struggling with, and what aspirations you have.

    • I do an overall assessment of tasks by department, individual, etc. to determine where opportunities for efficiencies and effectiveness exist. 

    • What I will need from you includes, but is not limited to, access to your accounting and related 3rd party platforms, source documents for all financial transactions, workflow charts, written procedures and policies, actual examples of past work completed, and one-on-one or group interviews with me via video conferencing.

    • From there I can dig deep into your books, figure out what's working and where the sticking points are, and list out topics that need to be discussed in more detail.

  2. Recommendations: My action-plan for achieving your objectives.

    • I list out specific changes that can be made in order of greatest expected impact.

    • I’ll indicate if items should be worked on in conjunction to meet objectives more effectively and/or to reduce workload hours.

    • You have the ultimate decision on prioritization since you know your business and budget best.

  3. Follow my lead: Implementation can be blocked into phases, repeating the steps below for each phase. If phases are not needed or desired, we can do one implementation block.

    • A) I first modify or create processes for the chosen recommendation(s) in order of prioritization.

    • B) I will review the process(es) with your assigned point-of-contact(s) to obtain feedback on functionality and missed objectives; I revise the process(es) if needed and repeat step B until your point-of-contact agrees that all objectives have been met.

    • C) Your point-of-contact will run through the process(es) independently and confirm it functions as expected, if not, we go back to step B, if so, we continue to step D.

    • D) If requested, I will train all affected staff on the new process(es) or prepare your assigned point-of-contact to train staff independently.


As a result of our work together...

  • You will save time, money, or both.

  • You will have the opportunity to boost employee moral.

  • You will have a foundation for scaling your business sucessfully.

  • You will feel confident that your business is running more efficiently.

If you’re interested in focusing on your processes and scaling your business with my DO MORE WITH LESS program simply schedule a Zoom call with me at HERE


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