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In need of some basic accounting services?

If you're seeking a more robust accounting service than what a data-entry-focused bookkeeper can provide, look no further!

My recurring accounting services take you beyond simple cash receipts and expense payments.

Imagine being able to have financial data that is not only timely and accurate but also provides a deeper insight into your financial health, allowing you to make better decisions on running your business.

Whether you're looking for small business accounting or scaling up to a Fractional Controller, my services come at a fractional rate without skimping on quality. 

When we partner together, you have the opportunity to benefit from these services:

* Accrual-based accounting (recognizing income and expenses when earned/used)

* Budgeting, forecasting, budget variance analysis, and other financial analyses

* Highly detailed reconciliations (balance sheet accounts, physical inventory, etc) and recommendations on resolving discrepancies

* Cash management and cash flow projections

* Constant evaluation of financial and legal compliance

* Knowledge to oversee payroll, business regulations, audits, insurance and banking requirements, and income tax preparedness

* Peace of mind that you will be notified timely of discovered non-compliance, audit risks, and possible income tax implications.

*  A partner to discuss strategies and financial variables with in order to stay vigilant in planning and forecasting

Accounting Assessment

Flat-rate, starting at $250

All new accounting clients are required to complete an accounting assessment first. This engagement ensures that we both have a clear understanding of your current situation.


From this, we can build an effective plan for going forward, which can include project-based catch-up or clean-up work, recurring monthly services, or both.

Scope of Work for Accounting Assessment,

to be completed within 2 weeks:

  • Review Client’s current records, such as:

    • Accounting software/records

    • Other applicable software (IE: payroll, POS, online bookings)

    • Source documents (IE: receipts, statements)

    • Reporting documents (IE: tax returns, sales and use tax remittances)

  • Evaluate Client’s current situation and communicate with Client on items needing further clarification

  • Provide client with full assessment of current situation:

    • Compliance: what items are not, or may not be, in legal compliance

    • Execution: what items are not, or may not be, getting handled timely and efficiently

    • Accuracy: what items are not, or may not be, reflected/calculated correctly

    • Other: items in question that will need to be addressed

  • Provide client with agreement for subsequent services, based on assessment

Subsequent Accounting Services


Scope of services and accounting assessment will determine pricing structure:

Hourly projects, starting at $150/hr


Small Business Accounting, starting at $600/mo

   * Typically < $2m in annual gross revenue

Fractional Controller, starting at $3,750/mo

    * Typically $2m+ in annual gross revenue

Let's Work Together

If you’re ready to take your accounting to the next level, schedule a virtual meeting today so we can discuss my accounting services!

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