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Process Efficiency Assessment

1-month project, flat-rate starting at $1,200

I dive deep into your internal processes related to accounting, operations, and logistics to find time and cost-saving opportunities that already exist and are just waiting to be discovered!

What impact would your team gain if each person shaved one day per month off their workload without sacrificing the quality of their output?

  • Reduce current overtime requirements

  • Reduce future hiring needs

  • Reduce wasted hours caused by redundancies, errors, and discrepancies

  • Reduce bottlenecks in process and information flows

  • Increase employee morale

  • Increase employee satisfaction with day-to-day tasks

  • Increase collaboration between teams/departments/locations


The full engagement will be an audit:

  • I take the time to learn about your company and its processes, pain points, and goals. There will be meetings 1-2x per week and high engagement for you and your team.
  • At the end of the program, I will provide a detailed assessment, including specifics on how processes can be improved, recommendations on platform utilization, and potential resource impacts if implemented.

The choice is yours:

  • After the audit, you can take the recommendations and run with them.

  • Or we can continue working together to implement the recommendations.


Process Efficiency Implementation

3 month-minimum, starting at $1,500/mo

This engagement begins after your completion of the Process Efficiency Assessment. Together, we determine the order of priority for recommendations to implement, based on value and urgency. 


During implementation we will tackle the often-overlooked internal processes, focusing on the following:

  1. People Productivity -  Scale workload, efficiency, and accuracy while preventing errors, overtime, and burnout

  2. Intelligent Insights - Create a circular flow of information between operations and finance that leads to timely, insightful, and supportive decision-making

  3. Integration and Reconciliation Overhaul - Improve integration between software platforms or create workarounds where integration is not possible; improve or create reconciliations so that errors and discrepancies are identified early and mitigations can be put into action quickly.

We will have weekly or bi-weekly meetings to communicate progress and allow for testing, feedback, and re-working of new processes. 


This engagement is ongoing so that you can continue to scale through efficient use of time and resources. Once you feel that you've derived all the value you can out of the engagement, we move on to the Post-Engagement Support Program. 


What makes this offer different? Other consultants and agencies focus on operations OR finance, missing out on many opportunities for creating efficiencies.


I look at your company from a 360ᐤ perspective. A process, from start to finish, can potentially touch every single role/department. You must take it all into account for results to have the greatest impact. 


Post-Engagement Support Program

2 month-minimum, $199/mo

You’ve gone through the Process Assessments and Implementations and had great results! Now your company is running efficiently, with minimal pain points. In the event that any minor hiccups arise subsequent to our engagement, I am right there to support you.


Plus, as you continue to grow and scale, new pain points will arise. You need help but you don’t need the entire program all over again.


The support program includes a one-hour monthly call to discuss anything you need help with: pain points, bottlenecks, Excel templates, process review…. The options are limitless! Use your hour as you see most fit.


During the call, I will provide feedback, recommendations, and overall insight.


1-Hour Strategy Call

$249 per occurrence

Not a part of my other programs but looking for some quick, impactful tips on overcoming a growing pain or process bottleneck? Then a quick, one-hour strategy call could be all you need to jump-start a solution!


I'm offering a no-commitment strategy call. All topics are fair game.

During the call, I will provide feedback, recommendations, and overall insight.

Work with
me 1:1

My Process Efficiency programs are developed for high-growth companies that are spending too many resources putting out fires. Desired results include continued growth while staying lean and getting more out of current efforts and resources.

In order to qualify for these offers, you must…

  1. Be in need of hiring more staff, either currently or in the next 6 months, but would like to explore other options first

  2. Be in need of improved communication and data flow between roles/departments

  3. Have 10+ employees (or 10 full-time equivalents), not including founders

  4. Be making $5M+ in gross revenue annually

  5. Be ready to hit the ground running!


The required investment of time and money is small compared to the tools, processes, and insights received to help scale your business effectively.

Read about the impact I've made for other companies.

Case Studies

Let's Work Together

If you’re ready to take your growth to the next level, schedule a virtual meeting today so we can discuss my 1:1 program!

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