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Do More With Less.

It's time to improve your internal process, align your finances, and scale your business!

Let's Meet

I'm Jamie, An Expert in Organizational Efficiency.

I believe that growing your business doesn't have to result in growing pains!


You CAN grow, scale, and improve faster without sacrificing your personal time and mental health. All it takes is having the right tools and processes in place that empower your team to collaborate and excel.

With my mix of corporate and client-based experiences, I audit your current processes, assess your current and future needs, and interview employees to discover what pain points they experience. This allows me to provide detailed recommendations for improvements that we can then work together to implement.

By the end of my program, you will have confidence in your employees and the processes they execute, peace of mind that you can continue to scale, and the knowledge to sucessfully mitigate future growth restrictions.


Program Goals for Process Efficiency


People Productivity

Scale workload, efficiency, and accuracy while preventing errors, overtime, and burnout

Financial Report_edited.jpg

Intellgient Insights

Create a circular flow of information between operations and finance that leads to timely, insightful, and supportive decision-making

Inventory Management Overhaul

Integration & Reconciliation Overhaul

Improve integration between software platforms or create workarounds where integration is not possible; improve or create reconciliations so that errors and discrepancies are identified early and mitigations can be put into action quickly.

Just need an 
Accountant or Controller?

I can help you with that too! All accounting services start with an Accounting Assessment.

"Jamie has been a great asset to my company VitaKinetics. Helping us with efficiently managing the finances but especially getting us set up with inventory management for our growing business. I highly recommend her."

Dr. Carolyn Dolan - Owner, Vitakinetics

Source: LinkedIn
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